Hey y’all, if you’re on this page right now you’re probably looking for my resume. But first, you’ll have to read about who I am and what I do.

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Anyways…let me get started.

Well as the URL points out, I’m Austin Ampeloquio…and I do a whole bunch of things.

From June 2019 to February 2020, I was the videographer and video editor for former IBF Super Featherweight/Junior Lightweight World Champion, Tevin Farmer. Basically, I lived with, dined with and traveled with Tevin while producing weekly videos for his YouTube channel that captured his day-to-day life. When I was in middle school watching YouTube videos, vlogs started becoming a thing, but never did my 8th grade self think I would be hired full-time to work on vlogs as a young adult. The experience was a unique one and I’m thankful for the opportunity Tevin gave me to help startup and grow his YouTube channel.

I was originally hired by Tevin to be the director and co-producer of NO DAYS OFF, a YouTube web series that gives viewers an inside look to Tevin’s training camps. From his fourth world title defense against Guillame Frenois up until his eventual defeat to Jojo Diaz — Tevin’s first loss in eight years — a new episode was dropped every week during training camps over two separate seasons.

Photo by @_na.p (Instagram)

When I’m not following around a world champion boxer with my Sony a6500, I usually am training myself or other boxers. In my hometown, Danbury, Connecticut, I was a trainer at Champs Boxing Club where I held mitts and gave workouts to professional boxers, amateur boxers and gym clients.

Since relocating with Tevin, I’ve been working out at TKO Fitness in Cherry Hill, New Jersey — the gym Tevin trains out of. From time to time, I hold mitts for the professional boxers out here in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area, but for the most part, I usually train myself.

As you can probably tell, I really like boxing…but I like other stuff as well. I’m not just obsessed about punching people in the face.

I promise.

Sometimes I like to think I’m some sort of style icon because I scrounge through fashion magazines and scan through different outfits to analyze color combos, silhouettes and designs.

In high school my friends called me stuff like….”trend-setter, stylish, unique.” In reality, I was just wearing whatever I wanted and didn’t care about what people thought of my teddy bear shoes (yes, Jeremy Scott’s), turquoise ring, or pink hair.

Style has always been something I’m into.

One day I want to try to make an entire outfit on my own from scratch for myself. One of one. Fit, color, design…all custom to me.

In the end though, I always tell people that it’s not WHAT you wear, it’s HOW you wear it. Be YOU. Be CONFIDENT.

If it’s not style and fashion on my mind, it’s food — and it’s probably food more often.

Whether I’m visiting a trendy brunch spot to eat some fancy variation of Eggs Benedict , or picking up some steamed clams from an inner-city seafood shop, I find bliss in all types of food. I try not to be picky or pretentious. Five star steak? 20 piece chicken nuggets? It all satisfies me.

I have practical experience in the food industry working at Le’s Kitchen in Danbury, Connecticut as a server where I learned how a local restaurant functions from the kitchen to the dining room. Those in the restaurant industry love to tell nightmare stories about guests, but from my experience, customer interaction is key to a happy and successful service. Meeting new people and introducing them to bangin’ food made my job at Le’s a humbling and fun experience.

I like to cook too. Ever since I learned how to make eggs in sixth grade, I’ve been inviting friends over to grub out with me at my house.

I started out cooking eggs and bacon with white rice for my brother and our middle-school buddies. Since then I’ve progressed to more sophisticated things.

Like burgers.

You know…things 20-something year olds like to eat.

I think I’m pretty decent on the grill…and I KNOW I can sear a perfect steak, but my true culinary goal is rooted in my ethnicity.

I want to learn how to cook all the Filipino dishes my father cooked for me growing up and still cooks for me whenever I’m home. I can make some good Pancit, but I need to learn how to chef up Sinigang, Tinola and Adobo to validate the inner chef in me.

I also like music, but who doesn’t? I play instruments too.

Been playing piano since I was in fifth grade — classically trained — and have been strumming guitars since I was in seventh grade. In high school I took vocal lessons but I don’t let people hear that too often…for my own reasons.

I played piano in church during college, and performed some local gigs, but I prefer playing music in a room by myself, where I’m free to play to my ears and nobody else’s.

Anyways, enough about me personally.

Before I got the opportunity to work with Tevin and his team on YouTube videos and NO DAYS OFF, I was working a corporate, data control specialist job at Cartus in Danbury. At Cartus, I was able to experience the nine-to-five lifestyle and learn how corporate relocation works.

I refined my Microsoft Office skills at Cartus and learned how to work efficiently in a professional environment with Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint.

When I wasn’t in the office, I was either training people at Champs or filming my own passion projects. I created Scrap to Success, a web docuseries on YouTube that showcases unique stories within the combat sports world, and The Pull-Counter Show, a web series where I get in front of the camera and ramble on about boxing.

My storytelling, reporting and media productions skills were learned and cultivated at Temple University where I studied journalism. In May 2018, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Temple’s Klein College of Media and Communication.

In my final semester at Temple, I worked on the recovery housing beat for Covering Addiction: 1217 and was recognized as a finalist for Best Online/Digital News Videography at the Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Region I Awards.

Covering Addiction: 1217 also won several group awards for reporting, photography and website design which I contributed to.

In the same semester, I was assigned as City Hall and political beat reporter for Philadelphia Neighborhoods.

As a senior, I was Temple’s volleyball and women’s basketball beat reporter for The Temple News, Temple’s weekly student newspaper.

Throughout undergrad, I contributed game recaps and analysis to The Empire about Temple Men’s Basketball and the Philadelphia City 6.

From 2015 to 2017, I was a volunteer editor at Clutchpoints for in which I edited, produced and published articles about the New York Knicks and other NBA related content before the company reformatted its website.

I’m continuing to grow personally and professionally and am looking for any opportunity possible to showcase, progress and diversify my skills, experiences and interests.

If you’ve made it this far, I commend you for having the patience to read a long chunk of text in an ever increasingly photo-video world.

And with that, I leave you with my resume:

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